Is Bitdefender Good Antivirus: Is It Worth Buying?

Everyone wishes to choose an antivirus program that offers solid protection against virus attacks. To help you out throughout your research we spent hours researching an Antivirus program called Bitdefender. In this post, based upon our research we will answer your questions such as is Bitdefender good, is Bitdefender worth buying, is Bitdefender safe, and some other useful stuff.

Bitdefender is one of the leading antivirus programs available in the market these days. It is a reliable, and fast program that comes in a competitive price range. Bitdefender comes with GPU friendly process, so it can work perfectly even on slow computers.

Bitdefender considered the most accurate antivirus program by most of the experts when the time comes to detect viruses. If you want to make a wise decision then scroll down and begin exploring the detailed review of the Bitdefender antivirus program.

Is Bitdefender Good Antivirus?

There are a plethora of reasons that makes Bitdefender stand apart from other antivirus programs. The first one and perhaps maybe the best feature of Bitdefender is its silent nature. There no buzzing of notification with Bitdefender.

Once you have managed to set up your profile on this antivirus program, it will ask your permission to enable the autopilot feature. This feature is considered one of the best features of Bitdefender which takes the guesswork out of protection and also helps Bitdefender to work silently.

By most of the experts, Bitdefender acknowledged as an integrated antivirus program that comes with a firewall and enhanced data protection. This utility has a powerful search engine to scan files. Bitdefender keeps scanning your system on a continuous basis to identify potential threats and remove them automatically.

It also supports the scan of hard disk, USB drives as well as other peripherals connected with the computer. Bitdefender also has a feature called Photon, which ensure that no extra resources of the computer wasted in scanning trusted application and files.

The latest version of Bitdefender also offers some advance and powerful features such as phishing and webcam protection.

Does Bitdefender Affect The Internet Speed?

As per the test conducted by AV-Test Institute, Bitdefender did not affect the internet speed in any way. This test was intended to check the internet speed before and after the installation of this antivirus program, and the result was in the favour of Bitdefender.

This is just a rumor floated over social media that Bitdefender affects internet speed and download speed. But after the released report of AV-Test Institute, it’s proven that is nothing more than a rumor. So you need not entertain such type of pieces of news.

Pro’s of Bitdefender

There are plenty of advantages of using this antivirus program but today we will share some most useful features.

  1. Low-performance Impact:- This one of the most prominent features of Bitdefender that put a very light system effect and work without disturbing the other programs. Also, this program can run in the background without making the mark of presence, except the time where some serious issue involved with your system and needed to alert you. If you’re gaming lovers or prefer to work without interruptions then Bitdefender is the best choice for you, it can work effectively with zero interruptions.
  2. Superb Performance:- This antivirus program is developed in such a way to sense the time when PC is ideal and when PC is being used. This feature used to trigger the scan process, which means you will never suffer from the lack of performance because of Bitdefender. This program will scan the files when your PC is in an ideal condition.
  3. Advanced Features:- The premium version of Bitdefender offers a number of advanced features including exceptional security and privacy features. Aside from these, there are some other features also offered by these programs like phishing protection, ransomware protection, and the features of VPN software.

In addition to the above-discussed features, it also provides a password manager which can be used as an extension with most of the internet browsers.

Con’s Of Bitdefender

Just like other antivirus programs Bitdefender also has some drawbacks which we have stated below.

  1. Slow Full System Scan:- It takes quite a huge time in performing a full system scan in comparison to its rivals. This not an issue, if you schedule it nighttime or when the PC is being in ideal condition.
  2. Huge Installer File:- The installer file of Bitdefender is about half a gigabyte in size. It should be a concern that has limited storage.
  3. Auto-Renewal:- When you purchase the premium version of Bitdefender through the official website, then without your acknowledgment it automatically activates the auto-renewal.  The cart design of the website makes it challenging for a user to identify and disable it. Hence you need to be extra careful.

Final Verdict

By observing the advanced features of Bitdefender undoubtedly it is one of the best antivirus programs for both Mac and Windows operating. But when soo many players available in the market, is it the right decision to consider buying Bitdefender? No doubt it is worth to buy especially because of its competitive price tag.

Bitdefender developer team also introduced coupon codes that can be used to avail discounts. If you seem concerned about security then it will definitely be proven as the best option for you.

In this post, we have tried to answer all your commonly asked questions such as is Bitdefender good, is Bitdefender safe, and is Bitdefender worth buying. However, if you still have any questions that remain unanswered then don’t be shy to share with us.

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